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Mando Delacerda

Mando has been a full time Realtor since September 2014 take pride on helping families achieve their home ownership …

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Christine Diamond

Christine Diamond is a born and raised Austin resident who works side-by-side with individuals looking to find their …

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William Diaz

A service-oriented business leader, William Diaz is a Licensed Real Estate Agent with much experience across real est…

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Cathy Dietze

Call Cathy with all your real estate selling and buying needs. Experienced in all aspects of the process, Cathy brin…

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Deborah Donovan

Deborah Donovan was born in Houston, Texas but grew up in New Orleans, Louisiana. After graduating from Louisiana Sta…

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Jessica Elhinn

A born and bred Texan, Jessica’s real estate experience began in 2006 working as an assistant to a veteran, top produ…

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Christian Erichson

Christian Erichson is a well-established Realtor in Austin, Texas. Christian knows the Downtown, Central, and Lake Au…

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Leonides Estrada

Leonides Estrada is a Senior Realtor® at Realty Texas known for her dedication, patience, integrity, and exceptional …

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Julio Evangelista

Julio Evangelista is a dedicated and accomplished sales professional. His determination to go above and beyond to ser…

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Andrew Fernandes

Andrew Fernandes is a full-time real estate agent who moved from Toronto, Canada to Austin, Texas in May 2005. He has…

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Catrina Figueroa

Catrina Figueroa is an outgoing Real Estate professional who dedicates herself to helping clients meet their goals. A…

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Jared Finch

Jared Finch is a small town boy, raised right here in rural Central Texas, with an education in business management.…

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Jacqueline Fontaine

Jacqueline has been a full time real estate agent in the greater Austin area for the past 9 years.

She grew up in …

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Priscilla Frigon

Priscilla Frigon is a bilingual Senior Realtor at Realty Texas who provides exceptional professional service to all c…

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Tyler Fye

Tyler Fye is a full-time real estate agent in San Antonio, TX. His friends and family would describe Tyler as a calm …

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Aaron Gadlin

Aaron Gadlin is a full-time Real Estate Agent in Austin, TX. He has lived in Austin for 10+ years and has a passion f…

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