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Jason Graves

Jason Graves was born in Kansas but has moved to Texas several times throughout his life. Graves earned a degree from…

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Jeremy Grieser

Jeremy Grieser was born and raised on the west coast in California before moving to the great state of Texas. Grieser…

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Yesenia Gutierrez

Yesenia Gutierrez is a bilingual (Spanish/English) full time Realtor®, born and raised in Mexico. She moved to Texas …

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Steven Haig

Steven Haig has over 20 years in the Real Estate business. He started in Mortgage Lending in 2002 in Orange County, C…

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Beverly Hanson

Beverly Gray Hanson is a senior realtor with Realty Texas and The owner operator of Foreman
Cleaning. She moved to A…

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Scarlett Hao

Hello, my name is Shijia “Scarlett” Hao. I’m here to help make your real estate experience positive and stress free. …

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Shawna Harward

Shawna Harward has been a Realtor in Austin, Texas, since 2012, but has been a real estate investor for over 15 years…

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Rebecca Hernandez

Rebecca Hernandez was born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska. Hernandez worked on the corporate side of the railroad for …

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Dena Hinds

Dena is committed to providing excellent customer service, she utilizes her expertise to better position her clients…

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Kelsey Howell

Kelsey Howell is a senior real estate agent with Realty Texas. Kelsey is a graduate of The University of Oklahoma and…

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Cecilia Hoyle

Cecilia Hoyle has lived the Austin area for over a decade. Although she has called many places home, Austin is the on…

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Lisa Jansky

Lisa Jansky is a Senior REALTOR® at Realty Texas & native central Texan. Lisa has 17 years’ experience working for a…

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Cheryl Jenkins

Cheryl believes that assisting clients offers a huge sense of accomplishment. She knows first-hand that owning a home…

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Pamela Johnson

Pamela Johnson is a license agent and native of Austin Texas, with a vast knowledge of the Austin Real Estate market.…

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Erika Jones

Erika Jones was born and raised in Mississippi before moving to Texas 6+ years ago. She has lived in several areas in…

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Kristen Kalwei

As a Missouri transplant, Kristen Kalwei knows firsthand the stress and frustration involved in finding a home in the…

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