Hot Housing Trends for 2018!

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2018 Housing Trends that promise to transform your home and your lifestyle like never before!

The housing trends of 2018 will be focused more on integrating technology while creating healthy and connected living environments.  Now days, we are seeing more and more generations living under the same roof, so home-specific features that provide a helping hand or peaceful influence are going to be welcomed fully.  Here are some items of what to expect in the coming year that you might want to incorporate into your home or think about when your looking to purchase your next home.

1. ) A rise in smart technology in the home - Homeowners are rapidly purchasing devices along with apps that perform various tasks such as turning on lights and appliances inside and be able to monitor their pets when not home.  

2. ) Smart Glass Windows adds privacy and energy savings - More homes are starting to feature large sized and numerous windows throughout the home.  Homeowners will be looking for ways to save on the energy costs, adjust the lack of privacy and the sun's ultraviolet rays from beaming in.  Glass companies will be starting to offer a new technology for residential property that will electronically tint the windows and skylights.  This could potentially eliminate the need for blinds, shades, drapes and curtains.   Kinestral Technologies even says that homeowners will be able to voice command this tinting through Alexa, apps, manual operation with switch, or with preset controls saving an average family up to 40% off their utility bill.  While the initial cost is much greater than similar low-E glass, the savings will be in the long run where the homeowner will save on the traditional window treatments and be able to adjust their privacy accordingly.

3. ) Spiritual Gardens - Homeowners have been utilizing gardens and landscaping spaces for all kinds of purposes over the years.  Now, it is starting to be more common to have a garden for a place for quiet reflection, so choosing plants and designs that incorporate these physical components to connect spiritually is a very natural next move for many. 

4. ) Functionality in the Kitchen -  With such a strong emphasis on eating fresh and healthy foods may mean you need to adjust the features and functionality in your kitchen and make more frequent trips to the grocery store.  Companies have been getting more demand than ever for columns built in refrigerators to store fresh produce and herbs, and installing the freezer drawer separate.  Also counter space with compact growing kits that can have self watering capabilities and grow lights.  Requests are coming in for steam ovens that cook and reheat foods without stripping away the nutrients.  Homeowners are wanting their kitchen to be more comfortable as well, incorporating different counter heights that work well for different people and tasks.

5. ) Use of Home Robots - The average homeowner's busy lifestyle has seemed to take on the need for some assistance.  Robots are gaining popularity as they can perform multiple services.  Not only can they mop and vacuum the house while you are gone, they can also be an aid to the elderly and your pets.  Some of these home robots will capture short videos and offer health benefits, like lowering blood pressure and cholesterol

6. ) Black is the New Gray - Color palettes changes all the time, and some feel the interest in black is a fresh welcome from the years of off-whites, grays and beiges. Black is coming on strong in every category such as appliances, plumping fixtures, lighting, metal finishes, hardware and soft goods.  If you want to ease into the trend a good approach for sellers is to update their homes to appear more modern with black accents.

7. ) Airtight Doors - Installing two airtight doors at the entry way has become a popular way for homeowners to cut energy  costs.  This creates a double barrier helping to prevent the outside air from entering the main portion of the house, while providing a better seal.  Also a safer way to have packages stay secure once delivered to your home! 

8. ) Maximized Side Yards - As we start seeing this national trend toward smaller lot sizes, homeowners are wanting to make all their outdoor space count.  Often we do end up neglecting the sides yards of our homes, but designers are starting to see these spaces to turn into aesthetically pleasing, functional zones that buffer a home from neighbors.  This is where you can get creative with your backyard space decoration, like adding a small recirculating water feature, a tiny sitting area, and grow plants vertically along the fence or siding for appeal.

9. ) Battery Backup Systems -  These systems integrate into a home's electronic system and operates during power outages.  A key advantage is the system doesn't create the noise and pollution you get with an old generator because it doesn't use natural gas or diesel fuel.  The backup batteries can store either electricity from the grid or renewable energy generated onsite by solar panels.

10. ) Missing Middle Housing - Currently around 30% of the home buying market consist of singles and shows and upward rising trend.  Analyst predict by 2040 that this group will elevate to 75-85% of the market.   However the majority of the housing available is the single family homes located in neighborhoods.  This segment of the market would like smaller square footage and more maintenance free lifestyle homes, such as condos and townhomes along with being close and even walking distance to retail, restaurants and entertainment. 

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