Ethics in Real Estate!

NAR Code of Ethics

At Realty Texas, we stand firmly on the bedrock of ability, commitment, and unwavering ethics. Our philosophy is a tapestry woven from the threads of the Texas Real Estate Commission's pillars—fidelity, integrity, and competency. We pledge an unshakeable commitment to our clients, placing their interests above all while extending fairness to all parties involved in every transaction. Our ethos is not just to abide by the law and the License Act but to embody the spirit of these regulations in every aspect of our work.

Our culture is one of perpetual growth—a culture of excellence and education fostered by our CEO Jack Stapleton. We believe in the transformative power of knowledge and the profound impact it has on the services we provide. Our dedication to lifelong learning ensures that our agents are not only well-informed about the local and national real estate landscapes but also skilled practitioners who execute their duties with meticulous care.

At the heart of Realty Texas is a love for helping people, a passion that permeates every interaction, every decision, every moment of counsel we provide. This passion is evident in the positive impact we strive to have on the lives of those we serve. Our Broker, Jack Stapleton and co-owner Leisa Ormsbee embodies this ethos. Their dedication to diversity, respect, and ethical practice has infused Realty Texas with a golden thread—one that every agent at our firm subscribes, respects, and defends.

Choosing Realty Texas means partnering with a team that cares deeply about the service they provide, a team that is committed to doing right by you, and a team that treasures its reputation. We understand the gravity of our responsibilities and embrace the charge to perform them with the utmost integrity. While we strive for perfection, we are also steadfast in our promise to address and rectify any missteps with honor and diligence. We don't just sell homes; we build relationships founded on trust, respect, and an enduring commitment to excellence. With Realty Texas, rest assured, you are in caring and competent hands.

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